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Mark Elf Guitar Strings

D'Addario EHR360 + PL018 & PL014

These strings as Mark uses them are not available in a set from the manufacturer. If you like Mark Elf's sound then try the strings he's used for 30 years. The 4 wound strings of the set are ground thus eliminating most string noise & are the original part of the set. The last two strings of the set he uses are the B.018 & the high E .014. The original set contains a B .017 & an E .013. The gauges he has on his guitar are as follows - 56,46,36,26,18 & 14 . This modified set has an even tension that allows the player to execute cleanly and accurately.

The original set will be shipped to you with the E .013 & .017 plus the .014 & .018.

Special price of $12.00 & includes shipping in the USA.

8 x 10 Autographed Copy of Mark Elf's Publicity Photo

$5.00 Per Picture

Specify during check out what you'd like Mark to sign on your personalized copy.

These picks are the ones that Mark has been using for the past 30+ years They are heavy and small and are made by Fender. However, Mark grinds the tip off and rounds it out. To the far right is an actual picture of the pick he makes from the original.

These picks are sold in the Original shape only. You'll need to get a file and some sand paper to try this pick for yourself.

Original Marks actual pick he custom shaped himself.
Click Below to order 20 Picks $6.50 + 1.00 shipping.
Click Below to order 72 Picks $18.00
Click Below to order a Gross (144 Picks) $32.00

Quartz Guitar Tuner by Wilner. Model GT30

Range is one octave above and below each note. VU Meter for accurate tuning. Built in mic. line in, line out with pass through. Battery check mode. Manual check of each string.

List Price 26.50

Your Pay 20.25 + $3.85 Priority Shipping only

When you're in a noisy enviroment and need to perform, plug into this and play in tune.

Korg Guitar & Bass Chromatic Tuner

This tuner gives accurate tuning at a great price! Features a needle-style meter, LCD screen, auto/manual tuning, reference tone oscillator, flat/open tuning, adjustable calibration, input and output, built-in mic and battery life indicator.

List Price $120.

Your Price $90 plus Priority Shipping $3.85

This is one of the best tuners on the market. It's the Mercedes of tuners!

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Updated Dec 8, 2003