Mark is currently taking on private students. Live video lessons via skype are also available. The rate is $75 per hour. You can contact Mark at . Please check out for the most comprehesive Jazz Guitar Study on the internet.

An E-mail to Mark from a guitarist who now enrolled in the Mark Elf Guitar Conservatory. The email was sent while he was studying with Mark via email.

Mark: The lesson was great, exactly what I needed.  It has opened up a lot of
doors for me.  Whilst I was using a few triad ideas I hadn't really
formalized it or thought about where they were coming from.  Also the idea of
using the melodic minor scale against a dominant 7th is something I hadn't
really practised.  It shows where I am lacking in my approach.  Any more of
that sort of thing is a great help.  I am quite happy for you to send the
lessons as soon as you like, then I can book some more.  I have used PayPal
before and there was no problem.  At some stage can you help me on the
technique question.  How to improve fluency and the up tempo thing.  As I
said I used various scales and picking patterns which help up to a point.  
When I heard your live recording I wondered how you had attained that level
of control and accuracy.  I can put the practice in but I am not sure I am
doing the right thing.

Thanks again, look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Tony Marshall - UK

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